Cyprus Radio Commentator's analysis on Cyprus matter

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Cyprus Radio Commentator's analysis on Cyprus matter

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Cyprus Radio Commentator's analysis on Cyprus matter: Hundred thousand Turkish people are important
Kıbrıs radyo yorumcusunun Kıbrıs meselesini tahlili: Yorumcu yüzbin kişilik Kıbrıs Türk Cemaatinin önemini belirtti


Two issues are important: first, increasing number of terrorist acts (murders, harms,); and second, negotiations with no progress. These acts cause material and spiritual damages. However, police forces are becoming dominant forces in providing security, while they find out terrorist groups, which are organizing illegal meetings. Terrorists' circle is narrowed down by the police forces as pointed out by the Governor in his Radio speech. By the way, negotiations between Greece and Britain continues and Greek government asks for and desires reasonable and realistic solution to the matter. In the meantime, a tendency on disregarding and belittleing hundred thousand of Cypriot Turks has grown in Greek claims: "Cyprus matter is no business of Turkey." This opinion mostly stems from the differences of expressions between Greeks and Turks: one permanently tends to express in uproar, while the other keep calm. Therefore, one comes to a conclusion that the other doesn't have feelings or desires to the subject matter. The Governor, in his Radio speech, says that in order to solve Cyprus matter, three issues must be considered: First of all, all classes of Cyprus people's desires; second, strategic needs of defending a free world; third, the relationship among Britain, Turkey, and Greece. Last year, two contrasting views emerged.
One is to solve Cyprus matter with regard to international commitments; the other is the narrow view which claims that the Hellenism is most important above all.




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March 30, 2012
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E.Y., “Cyprus Radio Commentator's analysis on Cyprus matter,” Cyprus Critical History Archive: Reconsidering the culture of violence in Cyprus, 1955-64, accessed June 21, 2018,
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